How to Lose Weight – 5 Things to Know

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Many including doctors and dieticians may tell you the way to lose weight. But if you are serious about shedding unwanted pounds, the best way to find out how is consult those who have been successful in dropping significant amount of pounds without re-gaining it in several weeks or months. The most successful ones who have attained the weight they desire, give you then top 5 suggestions that made their goal possible. Use their wisdom and follow these suggestions to be on your way to obtain your goal of weight loss.

1. When do I start? The answer is Now! Many times you say I’ll start Monday or the first of the year. But there is no time like right now. Many trainers and nutritionist have seen in their careers the result of “I’ll start at such and such time”. They never get started and are unsuccessful on their journey to weight loss. If you are serious to make a change then circle todays day on your calendar and start making changes today and make the change happen immediately! How to lose weight – 5 things to know.

2. Don’t try to be perfect. Exercise is good for any one who is serious about getting fit and lose weight. Some days will go well with your exercise and eating but you will ultimately face temptations and make some mistakes. But that is OK because you are trying and that is a good thing. Your are learning. Weight loss winners get right back up and start where they had their last meal and go forward. Don’t beat yourself up.

3.The small things are important. Don’t step on the scale every day to see how you are doing. Check how you feel after climbing several flights of stairs and not be as winded as you were earlier. Bring in your belt an extra notch, check your complexion after eating and sleeping well for several months. The reason is good health and fitness.

4. Surround yourself with positive friends. Go the gym with a like-minded person rather than going to a bar for happy hour after work. Be with people who are interested in keeping a good lifestyle, you can feed off of them for reassurance and comfort. This will make a major effect on you to maintain the type of lifestyle you desire. Consider joining a cycling or running club or maybe even take a cooking class. How to lose weight – 5 things to know.

5. Don’t give up food! Just because you are trying to be thin you must continue to eat. You should drop and “diet” foods and eat foods that are rich in flavor and nutrition. To lose weight you should focus clean natural foods. Stay away from processed foods. Heather K. Jones, (a weight-loss expert and dietitian) says “eat with the season and you can’t go wrong.” Seasonal picks are different in various areas, but some favorites are, California grapes, pumpkins, apples and avocadoes. How to lose weight-5 things to know.

How to Lose Weight – 5 Things to Know

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Many doctors and dieticians including “health experts”, are able to tell you what, when and how much to eat to achieve your desired weight. But where you need to go is to those who have lost unwanted weight and able to keep it off. Not have that dreaded regain. Below are 5 “nuggets” shared by those who were lucky enough to lose unwanted weight and able to keep it off. How to lose weight – 5 things to know.

1. The time is now.
There all sorts of clich├ęs about when is the time to start losing weight. “There is no time like now”, “don’t put off today what you can do today” and some others. Careers of many dieticians and trainers have heard too much “I’m going to start my diet Monday”. If you are truly ready to make a change, do it right away not tomorrow, not next year, not at the end of the month. Take a pencil NOW and circle the date and start making the change immediately.

2. No activity is perfect.
The journey to lose weight is not always going to be easy. Sometimes you fail to keep up your goal, but that is OK at least you are trying. Don’t give up your goal. Keep trying to achieve your goal. You are learning and if you fail to do something, don’t stop just continue to try to reach you goal. Pick up where you left out and go to your next meal. How to lose weight – 5 things to know.

3. The small stuff is the big stuff.
You should not only watch your progress by stepping on the scale. Take walks of walk up some stairs without getting “winded”, try to take up an extra link in your belt. After eating better and plenty of sleep-7to 8 hours you will notice a better complexion after several months. You will feel better.

4. Keep company with like-minded people.
It is easier to hit the gym after work when a friend offers to go with you instead of going to happy hour. Being around people who have a healthy lifestyle or are working towards one, may help you secure yours. Join a hiking club, a running club or some other type of activity to keep you busy.

5. Food is awesome.
Don’t give up you love of food to get slim. Those who are successful weight losers give up “diet” foods in favor of whole foods. These provide a lot of flavor and healthy nutriments. Weight loss and dietitian Heather K. Jones claims “for lasting weight loss it is important to focus clean and natural foods. Cut out processed and packaged foods and fill your body with what it needs most: real nutrition-rich foods. Eat with the season and you can’t go wrong”
Below are seasonal picks on how to lose weight-5 things to know

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California grapes. They are packed with nutriments like polyphenols an antioxidant promotes good health. Try a grape and avocado salad.
Pumpkins. Have only 40m calories and large amount of fiber 5 grams and beta carotene in 1/2 cup of serving. They are also sweet and make a delicious savory pizza.
Apples. Loaded with flavonoids and fiber, poly nutriments and antioxidants have been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.